Why Join SigEp?

Sigma Phi Epsilon promotes a lifestyle that allows members to enjoy the ultimate college experience. The members of Oregon Alpha work to excel in five main categories of collegiate life: academics, leadership, athletics, social life and community service. While many houses promote a similar balanced life, SigEps live this lifestyle to the fullest.
  • Winner of 24 Buchanan Cups, awarding the top Sigma Phi Epsilon chapters in the country, most of any SigEp chapter.
  • Won 7 Buchanan Cups in a row, acknowledging 12 years of excellence.
  • Winner of the Kerr Cup, which awards the best fraternity on campus, 9 years in a row.
  • Winner of the Intramural Cup, given to the chapter with the most commitment to athletics, 10 of the past 11 years. 


  • 1st in Fraternity GPA on the OSU Campus.
  • Top 10 in Fraternity GPA among SigEp chapters nationwide.
  • Fall 2017 GPA of 3.38
  • Every year Sigma Phi Epsilon awards Oregon Alpha brothers up to $30,000 in scholarships.
  • Accredited as a Residential Learning Community (RLC), which focuses on: networks of support, faculty to student interaction, personal and academic development, and creating a suitable learning environment.


  • SigEps consistently volunteer for positions of leadership in a number of campus organizations, such as ASOSU, MUPC, IFC, BDA, and Big Brother Big Sister.

  • Each and every member of the Oregon Alpha Chapter has been involved with at least one campus group, providing many opportunities for new members to get involved on campus.

  • SigEps are involved with over 50 different campus organizations, clubs, and activities.

  • There are over 20 positions within the Oregon Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon providing plenty of opportunities to get involved in the fraternity.

  • SigEp Oregon Alpha has won 8 consecutive Kerr Cups, which are awarded annually to the most outstanding IFC Fraternity at Oregon State University.

A-Team Basketball Greek Championship 2.jpg
As members we believe in the "Sound Mind, Sound Body" philosophy.

  • Reigning Intramural All-Sports Champions and 10 of the last 11 years.
  • 2016 Greek and All-University IM Stadium Football Champions
  • 2015 Greek and All-University IM Flag Football Champions
  • 2015 Greek and All-University IM Golf 1st Place (A team) and 2nd Place (B team) 
  • 2014 Greek and All-University IM Softball Champions 
  • 2014 Greek and All-University IM Dodgeball Champions
  • 2014 Greek and All-University IM Capture the Flag Champions
  • 2014 Greek IM Basketball Champions
  • 2013 Greek and All-University IM Softball Champions
  • 2013 Greek IM Golf Champions
  • 2012 All-University IM Indoor Baseball Champions
  • 2012 Greek IM Flag Football Champions
  • 2012 Greek IM Dodgeball

Social Life

Spring Social
We have a packed social calendar:
  • A house dance every term with Sweetheart's Ball in the winter and Fireman's Ball in the Spring.

  • Scheduled Events include Mom's Weekend, Dad's Weekend, Homecoming, IFC Sing, and several others.

  • Brotherhood Events range from road trips and barbecues to all-house retreats and camping trips.
Community Service 

SigEp+FIJI Habitat for Humanity Service Day.JPG

  • SigEp has two all house philanthropies each year. Our largest, SigEp Sweethearts, is held during winter term and raises about $20,000 annually.       
  • Our own SigEp member founded a new charity called Born to Shine. Oregon Alpha then raised $25,000 within the first year of Born to Shine's birth.

  • On average SigEps complete over 5000 hours of community service every year.

  • SigEps continually provide community service to organizations such as Star Sports, Boys and Girls Club, Big Brother Program, Corvallis Parks and Recreation, Habitat for Humanity, and March of Dimes.