Alumni Relations

The alumni within our chapter take a very active role in the goings on of our house. The Oregon Alpha Alumni Board meets twice a term with the undergraduates to discuss house issues, and to work on the communication between alumni and undergrads. Alumni support has been a vital piece of the continued success of our chapter at Oregon State University. All members are free to attend such meetings and voice any concerns about the house. Our chapter President serves as a direct link between the Alumni and the chapter between meetings.

One portion of which the Alumni help our chapter's operations is funding our annual Carlson Leadership Academy trip each year. The alumni funded 9 members this year to attend. This is a vital part of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Leadership continuum that the Alumni help us take part in. 

In the last year our chapter has worked on gaining better communications with alumni outside the Oregon Alpha Alumni Board. In addition to the news that we post on the website, we send out a semi-annual alumni newsletter, and we also hold an Alumni Barbecue during Homecoming Week in the Fall. We are fortunate to have over 100 alumni in attendance each year and hope build on this success for the future.

At Sigma Phi Epsilon, we value Alumni as serving an essential role within our chapter. They help guide us in our operations, and lend us their leadership skills in making sure we achieve our goals and standards.

We welcome any and all Alumni to our formal dinners, held most Monday nights at 5:30 during weeks when school is in session. If you would like to become more involved as an alumni please contact the Alumni Board or the VP of Communications, John Goetze, at